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Traditional French Recipes

We will tell you all there is to know about the why’s and how’s of popular traditional French recipes.  

Authentic French Recipes

Regions of France

France is divided into very distinct regions, each having a different climate and geography. The products available, and the seasons, have shaped the local foods.

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Find here the very traditional French recipes, those that never changed for centuries. Simple, basic, tasty ingredients, combined in a specific way for your pleasure.

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Our Top Recipes



Pate en Croute


Soupe a l’oigno

Pulet Basquaise

Vin De Noix

House Keeping

We have chosen deliberately to keep the existing names of the recipes presented. While we may provide a translation, for authenticity we think it is more accurate to keep the traditional name.

We will tell you all there is to know about the why’s and how’s of the recipes. However, like in every matter, history is a subject for interpretations and controversy. If you have different opinion, please contact us and discuss them with us.

The best advice we can give is… experiment! People in the old days didn’t read cookbooks, nor had always the proper ingredients, they had to improvise sometimes.Nowadays, with such a huge selection of various kitchen accessories and appliances your experiment may lead to a new recipe discovery with your own twist. So use the past traditions to create and improve!

We have also decided to show photos of the real dish, not a studio shot with raw foods and artificial colors. Being creative with the presentation is up to each of us.

Useful Information

The measuremants are in International standards, however there are some specific cooking units that are ‘flexible’ such as teaspoon, tablespoon and cup. It is left to the appreciation and experience of the chefs to adjust those quantities.

Some of the recipes presented come from old cookbooks, such as Ali-Bab written in 1928. There is no ‘official’ recipe for most dishes; however, there are some limits between the traditional recipe and the modern adaptation. It is often said that each family has its own traditions, and France is a rather large country…

Some hints:

Flour: the “strong” flour, T55 for example is used for bread, as it contains less gluten; “normal” flour T45 is richer in gluten, good for pastry, contains more gluten.

Vegetarian Recipe

Gratin Dauphinois

The potato gratin, potato or the dauphinoise is a French dish, home-based made of potatoes and cream. This dish is known in North America as “au gratin style potatoes” (U.S. and Canadian English) or “potatoes au gratin” (French Canada).

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