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What is Molecular Gastronomy?

Aug 8, 2016

molecularIn 1988 was formally established a scientific discipline that has been called “molecular gastronomy”. It is a scientific activity, made by scientists (not cooks), which is based, like all other scientific disciplines, on experience and calculation, and, like all other sciences, is understanding phenomena.

It is about achieving a scientific molecular cuisine, not to be confused with molecular gastronomy, which is made by scientists and non-cooks!

In this case, molecular gastronomy is to find mechanisms of phenomena occurring during the preparation and consumption of food (or dishes, or preparations). We stress it: molecular gastronomy is not in the kitchen … even if some mistake this (wrongly!) for gastronomy and haute cuisine!

It must be remembered here that the term “molecular gastronomy” is perfectly chosen to designate a scientific activity as described here. Indeed, the word “gastronomy” is actually a “rational knowledge”, not fine cuisine. But molecular gastronomy, a scientific activity is a “rational knowledge” and is “molecular”, as is the molecular biology, in that it considers the molecular aspects of culinary transformations.

In short, it is a mistake to say that some cooks make molecular gastronomy, they can only do the “molecular gastronomy” (an unfortunate expression, but imposed by the circumstances), or better, cooking note to note, since this is the future of cooking.

Let’s conclude by recalling once again: molecular gastronomy is the scientific research activity mechanisms of the phenomena that occur during the production and consumption of food.

Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin defined gastronomy in 1825, in his book The Physiology of Taste “Gastronomy is the reasoned knowledge of all that relates to the human being as he eats.”

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