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Website Update(s)

Jan 9, 2020

We are currently doing work on the website at the moment. 

The website has not seen work on it since 2016, so this improvement will hopefully make a nice change to the layout and design of the pages on the website making the website more useful and usable for those looking for the traditional French recipes on the website:

We are sorry for any inconvenience whilst the design upgrade takes place. 

Essentials of Healthy Eating

Dietetics is the science of balanced diet. If nutrition is defined as the science which examines the relationship between food and health, including diet includes a cultural dimension related to dietary practices. Nutrition is the science that studies the food and...

What is Molecular Gastronomy?

In 1988 was formally established a scientific discipline that has been called "molecular gastronomy". It is a scientific activity, made by scientists (not cooks), which is based, like all other scientific disciplines, on experience and calculation, and, like all other...

Eating after holidays

After the holidays, vegetables and fruits are mandatory The holidays are definitely the period of excesses. Before they come, we aspire for a perfect body shape in order to be able to enter our elegant dress for a night. Then, for the occasion, we are pleased with...

Meals out of home

Meals for canteens, schools and business are established taking into account the lessons from the diet, assuming that dinner would include: raw vegetables; a complex dish comprising a source of animal protein (meat, eggs, fish, offal), a source of cooked vegetables...